2010 Olympic Village and Creekside Community Centre

2010 Olympic Village and Creekside Community Centre

It was a massive undertaking to transform a heavy used industrial site dating back to the early 1900s to the 2010 Olympic Village that housed over 2800 athletes during the winter games. After the Olympics, the Olympic accommodation became a mixed-use community with approximately 1,100 residential units, parks and retail outlets. This award-winning LEED gold project was the largest excavation project in Vancouver’s history. Vector’s design included grading, stormwater management, rainwater harvesting, servicing, erosion and sediment control and civil 3D modeling to manage and certify quantities for excavation. This project was extremely challenging due to the compressed timeframe and simultaneous construction of all sites required to meet the schedule of the Olympic Games.

In addition to the Olympic Village, Vector did the civil consulting for the 45,000 square foot Creekside Community Centre which was built in the centre of the village. The community centre is a LEED platinum standard building. The building harvests rainwater for irrigation and toilet flushing, uses solar power for radiant cooling, has green roof technology and consumes 50% less energy than a standard building.


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